In around 2006 I started my formal meditation practice at a Zen center. At the same time, I was practicing Iyengar yoga and soon after I completed my training and qualified as a yoga teacher. As an expression of my desire to share what inspires me most with others, I
created BabaJoga in 2011— a yoga studio in Warsaw, Poland.

At the beginning, I was mostly sharing the practice of yoga. Yoga was the start of my personal journey into inner work. I was looking for answers to questions like ‘Where does suffering come from?’ and ‘How can we achieve permanent and unchanging happiness’. In
the contemplation of questions such as these I began my journey home. In its first few years,

BabaJoga was primarily a yoga school. However, as time went on, it started to become clear that my main interest was meditation and work on a deep spiritual level. For me, it became apparent that this deeper work, which is the base for working with the ego, (in other words: the wounded inner child) is absolutely essential. Work with emotions and personal parts is an inevitable process which actually starts at the same time as we touch upon the space of uninterrupted peace and silence during the meditation. Many people find solace and peace in meditation and are shocked when painful and difficult emotions arise. They try to stay in this peaceful, equanimous state. However, using meditation to avoid our emotional pain and the problems of a fully lived human life, is rarely successful.
An authentic and deep practice teaches us humility and love towards ourselves as we are, with all of our human flaws. This is where real transformation begins. In fact, this is a kind of mastery which often comes after many years of work. This is work for the bravest because it demands real sincerity and authenticity. It urges us to get rid of all of the masks, including the spiritual ones.

In 2017 I renamed BabaJoga as The Heart Of Silence. The Heart Of Silence is a living organism — it evolves and changes all the time. The people around it are the ones who are called to look into themselves in a safe, open and supportive environment. Within the work of The Heart of Silence, I am helping people to slow down, to rest in their inner silence and to let go. This is a space to discover what our needs are, to respect and follow them. Here we find our own, inexhaustible resources of wisdom, power and happiness, which in essence are what we really are. I believe that practice manifests in many forms, and it is my aim to share a range of those forms, their variety and richness. I draw from many different forms such as focusing, methods used in the Diamond Logos school, Core Energetics, work with trauma and yoga. Our bodies are wonderful vehicles, physical manifestations of wholeness. This is why I take care of mine, strengthen it, take care of it as of my beloved child. And I listen to what it is saying to me.

I work as if it is play, or the creation of a piece of art, or an unrestrained dance. Life manifests in passion. I am sharing what I know best and what I love to do. And I am still learning. At the base of all I do is awareness — being here and now. And facilitating a sensitivity for
ourselves and others, and our shared and individual needs.

The ability to listen, to practise tolerance, compassion and gratitude. We can only give as much to others as we can give to ourselves.


Maga Korbel

For me, meditation practice is honest and authentic being in this moment. Just as it is. Without masks. Without anything else. I’ve been meditating since I can remember. As a child I often sat still, in silence, relaxing in presence, not calling it meditation but simply feeling the peace and happiness of unlimited Being. It was just the most pleasurable, natural and spontaneous expression of me, with which I filled the majority of my free time. And the nature surrounding the home I was raised in gave me a beautiful refuge to Be in. Looking, listening, feeling. At my family home, Zen meditation was an everyday occurence. Within our attic was situated a large Zendo (meditation space), where regular intensive retreats were held. As a result I’ve been connected to the powerful energy of a group practice since childhood, and the memory of that has stayed with me since. My initial higher education was as a graphic artist. After studying at the Academy Of Fine
Arts in Cracow my wild and free nature started to expand and fly beyond the confines of the painter’s canvas. I began travelling and meeting people from all over the world. And at the same time, I started the process of gradually letting go of the rigid beliefs and structures of my family, school, religion and culture. I am discovering who I am, opening for unlimited possibilities, seeing and feeling the
richness of the world and the people living in it. I’m realising the limitlessness of the mind is. I’m discovering an inner strength borne out of the essential and undeniable freedom of my spirit. Spiritual practice is becoming free from illusory thoughts, beliefs and habitual, long worn out ‘doings’ that are no longer serving us and our truth. This process is inextricably connected with the pain of loss and the risks of change, which cannot be stopped when we are really being in the flow of life.

This is the path of an open heart which lets everything run through it and at the same time is radical in rejecting anything that is illusion. In my heart I hold tremendous gratitude for all the beings who have assisted me and still do in this change. In whose eyes I can see that they see what I see. For those that are like mirrors who cry and laugh with me …

Thank you.

I graduated as an Iyengar yoga teacher in 2006. and I am certified MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) teacher. Since 2010, I’ve been leading regular 8 week Mindfulness MBSR courses, group meditations and retreats. Being with people on a deep and real level is simply the biggest passion of my life. I also write a blog which you can find here: magayoga.blogspot.com