The 8-week stress reduction training is based on MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) method, created by professor Jon Kabat-Zinn.

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This program is intended to teach the basics of meditation. It is an invitation to step into conscious and mindful living. Most of us are living at a pace which is not natural, disconnected from the body, not hearing the signals which it is giving us all the time. This kind of lifestyle creates stress, depression and disease. Mindfulness Training radically changes our psychophysical state. It teaches us to direct our awareness towards body sensations, so that we are present in this moment, and not, as is often the case, stuck in the loops our busy, worrying, talking mind, which is never in the here and now.

The state of presence, total unity with the now, is a state before thought and therefore before judgement. In this moment there is undisturbed peace. Catching these moments every day positively changes and nourishes our body and psyche. It changes how we perceive the world outside, and the world begins to mirror this back to us.

Mindfulness Training can be the first step into a radical change — a step into a deeper, more real and fuller way of living. It is the change of perspective from being the victim of circumstance into being the creator of the reality we live in.

The work during the training is based on group meetings once a week and every day individual work (listening to recordings of guided meditations). We practice breath and body observation, the ability to be in this moment, yoga and learning how to handle difficult and stressful moments in life.

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Maga Korbel

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